The Journey

The JourneyBlindsided by her husband’s infidelity, Rosemary must face the hard truth she’s no longer part of a couple—only single and alone.  When her best friend since kindergarten wakens her in the middle of the night with the news her husband has been killed in a car accident, Rosemary’s pain becomes secondary to helping her friend through this tough time.  Between the pain of betrayal and the pain of helping her friend cope with the death of a husband she is still very much in love with, Rosemary must find a way to move forward with her own life.  To leave the past behind and start anew.

When an young, attractive, full-of-life, new teacher comes to work at the elementary school where Rosemary and Joy teach, Rosemary wants to dislike her because of her youth and attractiveness, but it takes only a few days for Kristen to win Rosemary and Joy over with her exuberance and honesty.  The three become good friends, coining themselves as “The Three Musketeers.”  When Kristen invites them to Europe on a trip of a lifetime, and after a good deal of badgering and convincing, Rosemary and Joy agree to join her.  

Arriving in the City of Lights, the three women are assaulted by very different emotions.  Rosemary is filled with excitement, is leery of what the next month holds in store for her, and hides her fear of being a foreigner in a foreign country.  The loss of Joy’s husband affects her more deeply than anticipated, as she tries to enjoy the vacation she and her husband had always dreamed of taking together, while Kristen wants only to make memories to last a lifetime in a place where dreams can come true.  

As each woman confronts her own fears, dreams, and emotions, what they expect, and what actually happens, emerge as two completely different things.

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